15 at 15: Breaking Down Three Wire Systems’ Digital Services

By Marketing Team

More than ever, the office is online. In the 15 years that Three Wire Systems has been in business, we’ve watched the workplace make subtle and massive evolutions alike — but the shifts of the previous 18 months were something unprecedented.

The rise of the home office, continuing development of cloud computing, modernization of the existing infrastructure and global emphasis on cybersecurity only sharpens our mission to help public and private organizations find the best IT solutions.

Read on for a glimpse at 15 of Three Wire Systems’ digital services.

  1. Agile Project Management: Agile management principles were first seen in software development, with the philosophy focused on iterative steps to propel a project forward. Our teams apply the Agile attitude to project management, delivering benefits to organizations during the project’s lifecycle, not only at the finish line.

  2. Cybersecurity: Not only are cybersecurity frameworks and regulations proliferating annually, at a granular level, a single bad actor can upend an organization with a simple email. No one can afford to overlook robust cybersecurity measures. Our approach recognizes maintaining the balance of operations and security, providing current and leading-edge protections against emerging threats.

  3. Application Development: From desktop portals to mobile resources, we help organizations develop tools that work for employees and their external users.

  4. Cloud Management: The cloud’s growth is among the most significant developments in IT this century. But are organizations using their cloud infrastructure and services correctly? We help design cloud management strategies that ensure efficiency and proper control of these new computing environments.

  5. DevSecOps Practice: Short for “development, security and operations,” DevSecOps is about integrating cybersecurity at every level of the software development lifecycle. It means that our approach and employees respect an organization’s cybersecurity needs throughout the engagement.

  6. AWS Cloud Infrastructure: Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the world’s most ubiquitous cloud platform, one scalable to organizations of all sizes. Our engineers help implement and manage this cloud infrastructure to ensure it is running securely and efficiently.

  7. Case Management Development and Design: Our dedicated case management platform, backed by a highly skilled, cross-functional team, can handle large scale (500,000+ users), enterprise-level applications. The software is delivered to clients and users in as short as two-week iterations and uses an Agile software development lifecycle, allowing for changes and tweaks as needed.

  8. Phase Out of Off-Premises Hosting: As workplaces change more rapidly than any of us could have expected, off-premises IT solutions are changing too. Our team helps transition clients to the cloud for the added benefits of security, speed, cost, and maintenance — which we help organizations execute and manage.

  9. Assessment and Authorization (A&A): In the effort to ensure organizations are compliant and trained in proper aspects of cybersecurity, our staff stays up to date on tasks related to their IT systems to provide a comprehensive assessment and/or evaluation of an information system policies, technical / non-technical security components, documentation, supplemental safeguards, policies, and vulnerabilities.

  10. Legacy System Modernization: Even as organizations shift to cloud-first approaches, legacy infrastructure must be updated and modernized. We ask the tough questions up front as we assess and optimize hardware and partner with organizations through the critical lifecycle path.

  11. Continuous Monitoring: Continuous monitoring is the process and technology for detecting risks and providing quick feedback on systems to identify holes and threats in your system. Our approach protects software applications and the servers that host them, maintaining stability in the system.

  12. Trained and Educated Developers and Engineers: Our staff has a diverse and deep well of experience, but we place an emphasis on continuing education to remain on the cutting-edge. Our engineers dedicate time to professional development and have certifications such as Security+, AWS and Azure and CISSP. Our Technical Support and Training team is led by an ITIL4 certified manager and offers webinars, in person training, and training aids such as dynamic help text, short instructional videos and detailed user guides for web systems.

  13. Human-Centered Design Focus: Key to our development strategy is producing applications and software that are user-friendly — all part of ensuring the human element is a part of everything we do.

  14. PMI Best Practices: Principles developed by the Project Management Institute foster effective communication and guide our team’s collaborative work together and with our partners.

  15. RMF Support: The Risk Management Framework (RMF) dictates the security, architecture and monitoring of government IT systems. With our origins based in assisting military and government organizations, we have deep experience in meeting the framework’s standards.

As our partners know, this list is just the start when it comes to our digital offerings. To learn more about how Three Wire Systems helps organizations solve their IT and cybersecurity challenges, reach out here.

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