15 Years of Three Wire Systems: 15 Things We Can Do for You

By Marketing Team

This past Fourth of July wasn’t only America’s birthday. It also marked our 15th anniversary as a company — 15 years of helping America’s military branches, government agencies and a range of private organizations modernize and maintain their technology solutions.

If you are just learning about Three Wire or are a current client who might not be taking full advantage of our services — and to mark our latest milestone — here are 15 things we can do for you:

1. Automation Technology: Organizations that focus on holistic automation in their IT environment are faster and more efficient workplaces, with boosted productivity, more reliable systems and improved security and compliance. Along with our partner Red Hat, we help organizations meet their goals for automation. Learn more.

2. Cybersecurity: In world filled with cybercrime and bad actors who can all too easily upend an organization with a simple email, no one can afford to overlook robust cybersecurity measures. The adoption of the cloud, proliferation of data and new age of digital services adds more challenges. Our approach recognizes the balances of operations and security, providing current and leading-edge protections against emerging threats.

3. Continuous Monitoring: You might think your network is secure, but there are always blind spots. Our Cyber Baseline Evaluation helps you thoroughly understand your network – blind spots and all. Through our partnership, we then help you create a continuous monitoring solution that combines connect-to-connect tools, governance and strategy. Check out this video for more.

4. Comply to Connect: C2C is a cybersecurity framework of tools and technologies meant to assist cybersecurity efforts across the Department of Defense. Organizations and vital parts of our country’s defense apparatus deploy C2C, and our ComplyVue application helps customers meeting cyber requirements. Learn more and schedule a live demo here.

5. Virtual Desktop Infrastructure: VDI, which allows for the virtual hosting of desktops on central server or data center, has matured into a smart set of solutions that assist in transitioning workplaces into the more secure, robust, cloud-ready environment. It is a must in today’s remote or hybrid working culture. Download our whitepaper on finding the right VDI solution here.

6. Data Management: Rooms filled with filing cabinets? Gone. Basements of boxes bulging with decades-old documents? A rare breed. Organizations store data differently today — ideally, more efficiently — but digital storage presents challenges, too. Three Wire has partnered with Commvault® to create a unified data management system. Learn more here.

7. Health Care Modernization: Innovation, be it directly tied to medicine or not, is a driving characteristic in the health care industry. When we leverage modern data solutions and systems, it improves patient outcomes and quality of life. Many federal health care organizations are taking a cloud-first approach to their systems, but they must maintain and continue to modernize this infrastructure. That’s where we come in.

8. Managed Maintenance Services: IT asset managers have busy jobs, so it’s understandable that some have trouble managing renewals and budgeting for maintenance on top of all their other duties. Our purpose-built portal, along with processes designed by industry experts, allows for simplified end-to-end maintenance for your organization’s IT estate. Download our PDF to learn more.

9. Provisioning as a Service: We help customers construct a program for acquiring, managing and maintaining hardware, delivered in a provisioned state to its end destination. Find more information here.

10. ServiceNow ITSM: Our focus is on preventing IT problems, rather than handling them. ServiceNow ITSM (information technology service management) is a comprehensive solution that leverages self-service and automation to reduce workload on IT departments. Download our PDF to learn more.

11. MyAdvisor: As an evolution of our VetAdvisor program, MyAdvisor is designed to provide holistic wellness resources and navigation support for those who serve others in the public and private sectors. We use our deep well of experience in technology to provide a platform that easily allows employers to connect their employees with care coordinators, telehealth sessions, career development resources and more.

12. Infrastructure Optimization (actual hardware): Even as organizations make the shift to a cloud-first approach, they will need to support and maintain new and legacy infrastructure. We ask the tough questions up front as we assess and optimize hardware and partner with you through the critical lifecycle path.

13. Cloud Management: The cloud isn’t just where IT is headed — it’s where IT is right now. But are organizations using their cloud infrastructure and services correctly? We help IT departments design cloud management strategies that ensure efficiency and proper control of these new computing environments.

14. Agile Project Management: Agile management principles were first seen in software development, with the philosophy focused on iterative steps to propel a project forward. Our teams apply the Agile attitude to project management, delivering benefits to organizations during the project’s lifecycle, not only at the finish line.

15. Off-Premise Hosting: As workplaces change more rapidly than any of us could have expected, off-premise IT solutions are becoming the norm. There are benefits for security, speed, cost and maintenance — and we’re here to help organizations execute and manage.

Of course, that isn’t even a full accounting of what Three Wire Systems provides — it’s only our 15th anniversary year, or we’d keep going. Rest assured that we’ll keep the list growing over the next 15 years to come.

To learn more about Three Wire Systems, feel free to contact us.

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