5 most popular services MyAdvisor offers to improve mental health

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In 2019, it was estimated that 20.6% of U.S. adults suffer from some form of mental illness. Unfortunately, this number disproportionally affects Veterans. According to a study by the Department of Defense, 8.3% of the entire military is diagnosed with some form of behavioral mental illness.

Since the inception of VetAdvisor in 2007, there has been immense demand for its wellness services from veterans and their families. A few years later, MyAdvisor was born out of the desire to expand services to include other industry employers.

MyAdvisor works with a variety of federal and private companies to offer holistic wellness resources. In fact, our care coordinators offer 27 types of services.

We recently reviewed our work with a Fortune 500 company. In the past year, MyAdvisor conducted over 2,500 care coordination sessions with individuals and families, many of whom are military families. Out of our 27 services, we learned which ones were most popular among those employees.

  1. Stress Management

Stress management is the most popular session offered. With over 500 participants, this non-clinical service offers solutions to help advocate, support and educate people struggling with stress-induced mental distress. By learning healthy coping mechanisms and other stress-reducing methods, patients will have the skills to handle tough situations and be able to fall back on a strong support system with a MyAdvisor care coordinator.

  1. Fitness

As the second most popular session, fitness care coordination goes hand in hand with deescalating stress and cultivating a healthy, sustainable lifestyle. Wellness coordinators create fitness plans personalized to each patient’s needs. This is accomplished through tele-behavioral health services and other non-clinical wellness methods that helps every participant feel supported on their fitness journey.

  1. Nutrition

Nutrition care coordination not only aids in sustaining a person’s well-being, it also instills confidence and self-assurance. Eating healthy is an essential element to increasing dopamine (the feel-good chemical in the brain) and decreasing issues like low blood sugar, insulin resistance, diabetes etc. The key is ensuring that patients are equipped with the knowledge and confidence to construct the life and diet they want. Nutrition care is paired well with fitness coaching to alleviate any physical burdens that may cause stress or lead to long-term mental health concerns.

  1. Healthy Relationships

Life adjustments are never easy, especially when trauma is involved. Learning how to maintain healthy relationships is the lynchpin to supporting good mental health. By utilizing MyAdvisor’s non-clinical care coordination and resources, stability within families, workplaces, friendships and more can be achieved.

  1. Budgeting and Debt Management

Budgeting and debt management may be number 5 on this list, but the benefits of financial stability are crucial in all aspects of life. Becoming educated on topics such as loans and predatory lending practices can drastically decrease anxiety and stress in individuals and families. Financial experts help patients build a feasible course of action to ease monetary burdens and prevent potential problems from happening in the future.

MyAdvisor care coordinators are dedicated to serving those who serve others. The goal of every program is to target the root of a problem and dissolve the issue by utilizing one or more of MyAdvisor’s resources. This holistic approach to mental health helps to solve the initial problems and trauma that cause certain types of mental illness.

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