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As a technology company founded by a U.S. Navy Veteran, our priority has always been to design technology that fosters change.

In 2006, we began working with transitioning military members, many of whom were serving overseas, and Veterans on finding employment, connecting to the VA and getting care for mental health concerns.

How do you provide critical services to men and women located in different parts of the world? Technology.

Over a decade ago and before the rise of telehealth, we designed our own technology to connect licensed medical professionals, social workers, nutritionists and financial experts to anyone, no matter where they were. At the time, we felt this was critically important since the rate of veteran deaths was rising to 22 suicides a day.

Flash forward to more recently, we learned that 118 million Americans are currently living in mental health professional shortage areas.

Our system can help anyone, anywhere. Over the years, we’ve refined our technology platforms so we can deliver effective telebehaviorial and mental health services virtually.

Three Wire Systems’ Advisor Outcomes Platform (AOP) is a secure case management system that helps our care coordinators collect and record data including biometric data, individual inputs and other case notes all in real-time and in one place.

Here are three ways our AOP is finding success with providing personalized, goal-based, results-driven care.

1. Customization and automation keep clients motivated

The appeal of the AOP is that patients are guided through a very customized and intentional care process by our certified and trained care representatives. When we have an initial session with a client, we immediately attempt to uncover their needs, discover the root of the problem and define specific goals and attainable milestones that produce results.

Our program uses the following steps in care:


1. Identify need: clients tell us what they want to work on or a problem they are having.

2. Identify problem: often times we find the problem isn’t actually the problem, but instead, an underlying reason causing the problem.

3. Triage: we don’t ever look at one problem. As certified crisis counselors, we know what signs to look for and how to best manage any situation.

4. Goal setting and planning: together, we help our clients identify SMART goals and milestones.

5. Navigational advocacy: if our clients need connected to another resource, we not only help them find it, we connect them directly to that service.

6. Automated follow ups: our AOP system will automatically send reminders and motivational messages to our clients based on how they are tracking towards their goals for the week. Once the individual plan is formed, our coaches enter it into our system so that both our coaches and clients can track individual’s progress.

2. Biometric data tracking paints a holistic health picture

Our coaches are experts in working with a variety of stress and resiliency related issues: sleep hygiene, medication adherence, anger management, smoking cessation as well as family, career, and financial issues. Because resiliency is dependent on a holistic view of health and wellness, these challenges must be treated in concert, rather than as discrete symptoms.

The AOP system easily connects directly to smart devices, which connects our care representatives to biometric apps. We mentioned earlier that we don’t ever look at one problem. Here’s an example of why and how we use biometric data as part of our process.

If a client’s goal is to develop better sleep hygiene, we may ask that client to also track his/her nutrition and exercise routines. From here, our system can easily identify the issue. Are they drinking caffeine after 3 p.m.? Did they perhaps exercise on a night they slept better versus a night they did not. These are just examples of ways we evaluate holistic health habits to identify and solve a problem.

3. Technology solutions provide real-time support

At any point, clients can log into the AOP and check their status or connect with a representative in real-time.

Our team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Through AOP, we can connect and record all conversations with clients, whether that takes place through text, social media, skype, instant messenger, email or face-to-face. We’ve also adopted artificial intelligence solutions so that we can provide assistance immediately. Because everything is housed in one place, our coaches work more efficiently, wasting no time or potentially missing any critical clues when working with our clients.

Our customized system also makes it easy for people to ask for help. From working with Veterans and because so many of our staff are Veterans themselves, we personally know the mental health stigma is real. That’s why we’ve designed custom technology solutions that offer holistic health services in an environment that is discreet, comfortable, non-judgmental and available at any time of the day, not just regular business hours.

AOP is built, customized and managed in house entirely by Three Wire Systems and MyAdvisor. Our licensed medical professionals work directly with our innovative tech team to find the best ways to care for our clients. By giving both our staff and clients the ability to enter individual plans and track, monitor and connect in real-time, we’ve found our model has been able to improve and save thousands of American lives.

While studies report that 50% of patients drop out of treatment prematurely due to a lack of faith in their provider, we’ve found that after one consultation with a care representative, 25% of clients increase their Quality of Life Satisfaction score.

Our company works with government agencies, corporations, universities and nonprofit organizations to provide these critical services to their employees. If you’re interested in working with us, contact

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