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Why AI and human interaction are a winning combination


Artificial intelligence (AI) is influencing how the world operates. Smart machines help humans expand their capabilities by amplifying cognitive strengths and embodying physical skills.

By combining AI and human interaction, the productivity and the efficiency of care services increase significantly. New technologies powered by AI have the potential to improve patient experience and outcomes by delivering faster and accurate decisions.

For example, MyAdvisor now uses chatbot technology to collect a user’s initial set of information upon contact. This eliminates waits time and allows our system to collect accurate information directly from the user entering in his/her information. Once this information is entered, this data is sent directly to the appropriate care coordinator depending on what the user is looking for help with – finances, resume help, or behavioral health needs.

By processing a patient’s data through AI first, the coordinator will then have all the information needed to immediately assess the situation.


Other benefits of combining AI with human interaction include:

  • Faster and more frequent connections: AI is humanizing modern healthcare by enabling faster and more efficient connections to close gaps in care. The innovative technology helps patients address immediate and urgent concerns.
  • Patient-focused approach: Chatbots allow healthcare professionals to foresee potential problems before they occur. Additionally, patients are becoming more tech-savvy and want to manage their health. Chatbots deliver the perfect outlet for that desired interaction without the barriers of complicated devices.
  • Clinically efficient: Automated technology allows care coordinators to focus more on patient priorities rather than spending time asking repetitive introductory questions.
  • Flexible care opportunities: Connecting to people at their own pace increases the likeliness of patients staying on track with their treatment plans. When a medical need arises, a provider will be notified with the knowledge that the professional needs to know.


AI and human interaction are a winning combination. Ironically, AI technology is creating a more humane methodology to care management. The better that providers can accurately identify patients and what their troubles are, the faster those providers can address essential needs and allow for an efficient use of time and resources.

As an integrated, proactive and preventive wellness program, MyAdvisor supports those who need any type of holistic health services. The use of chatbots with MyAdvisor’s additional services will allow experts to provide care coordination where it is needed most. To learn more about the core capabilities of AI and human interaction, visit


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