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At MyAdvisor our goal is always to provide care coordination where it matters most. Our team of subject matter experts and care coordinators are available 24/7/365 to assess, triage, and follow up on both holistic health and crisis requests so that our clients are receiving care that meets their needs. By using a combination of licensed clinical professionals and distance communication technology, MyAdvisor meets individuals where they are at.  

Read more below from an interview with our Provider Relations Director Mallory Cecchetti on why MyAdvisor offers the best solutions for individuals and for businesses.  

Name: Mallory Cecchetti - MA in Psychology  

Q: What are your main job responsibilities? 

A: Ensure overall relationship building, scheduling, credentialing, and quality assurance within our clinical provider network. Coordinate all clinical contact center certifications to include the American Association of Suicidology renewals. 

Q: You work closely with our MD/PHD program at MyAdvisor. What kind of work are the providers doing?  

A: The providers are completing medical disability evaluations (MDE) on the Veteran population; both in-person exams and telehealth exams.  

Q: What are some of the differences you have found between MyAdvisor coaching and the counseling work that providers complete?  

A: The major difference is work the providers are completing one-time clinical appointments in coordination with the VA. MyAdvisor coaching includes re-occurring sessions that take place between the client and MyAdvisor coach. Additionally, MyAdvisor coaching incorporates ‘personal plans’ that each client develops and follows with the help of the coach. The client is working toward specific goals of their choice on their designated personal plan. Between MyAdvisor coaches and providers, our team can really accomplish many different types of outreach.  

Q: What is it like working directly with MyAdvisor clients?  

A: MyAdvisor clients are a joy to work with! Each client brings unique capabilities that set them apart from one another. The dedication and consistency of the individuals that we work with is inspiring!  

Q: Would you speak to the technology aspects of our work. Do you think that it enhances the overall process of the MyAdvisor team?  

A: Yes, I do believe the technology aspects enhance the overall process of the MyAdvisor team. The unique case management system allows for easy documentation, follow up and communication to our clients, as well as one another. Our team works together to make sure that every individual has the correct level of care that is needed. The systems that we work with allow us to reach even rural or remote populations with ease. MyAdvisor was set up to work electronically even before COVID protocols and can easily continue that work now.  

Q: Why is MyAdvisor the right choice for businesses to add for their employees?  

A: MyAdvisor has dedicated employees with the overall goal of helping clients reach their maximum potential! MyAdvisor employees are also trained in crisis management and understand the importance of holistic health – treating all symptoms in concert to understand how to proceed. It is the perfect mix of using very secure technology with certified best practices in mental health care for the best outcomes.  

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