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In the era of modern technology, connecting with people worldwide moves at light speed. With new advancements in person-to-person digital connections being made daily, coast-to-coast video conversations are as easy as speaking with a next-door neighbor. In the advent of the tech boom, how does this accessibility affect the ongoing problems of mental health resources in rural America? 

In 2015 alone, the CDC reported that 65% of non-metropolitan areas have no access to a psychiatrist and 47% to a psychologist (American Journal of Preventive Medicine). With little diversity in services, many patients have limited options and mental health care becomes a last resort, as opposed to a preventative and ongoing care process. 

However, MyAdvisor, a holistic wellness technology company has been working to combat this problem for over 16 years. President Jennifer Christman says, “There's a lot of work that's being done right now to use technology and license portability [the ability to practice in multiple areas] …We are trying to bridge that divide. Telebehavioral health has come a long way.” (CNN)  

With the expansion of the MyAdvisor services from our VetAdvisor Program, MyAdvisor offers thousands of connections to providers across the country, and potentially even beyond as the company positions itself to work across North America.  

A prime example of this network in action is the MyAdvisor partnership with Yellow Ribbon Fund. In 2020/2021, MyAdvisor united with the Yellow Ribbon Fund (YRF) to offer mental health and care coordination services to over 1,500 veteran caregivers, in all 50 states, that work with the YRF organization. By continuing an ongoing partnership throughout the global COVID-19 pandemic, MyAdvisor and YRF hoped to help alleviate the mental health burdens faced by veteran caregivers during this time. MyAdvisor was consulted first due to strong past performance within this scope of work and past partnership with the YRF in supporting programs and services.   

The MyAdvisor / Three Wire Solution 

MyAdvisor and Three Wire Systems designed the solution for the Yellow Ribbon Fund partnership by utilizing over a decade of combined knowledge working with individuals on mental health solutions throughout the nation. In order to correctly triage, assess, and navigate individuals to a behavioral health solution, our team accomplished several goals.  

MyAdvisor created a crisis phone call protocol that is coupled with a behavioral health keyword identifier sheet which is distributed to all first-touch care representatives to correctly identify behavioral health needs, 24/7/365.  

Both the protocol and the telephonic technology, including cutting-edge AI capabilities, are recorded and monitored in our customizable Advisor Outcome Platform (AOP) case management system. This in-house system allows for added customer flexibility and sustainability. This intuitive case management system inputs data from the telephonic call and allows any MyAdvisor care representative to seamlessly connect to a caller’s account, locate that caller, and understand the history of interactions within minutes. It is also equipped with training manuals, internal care representative chat functions, and a vast library of resources to aid individuals using the service.   

Three Wire provides tested and outcome-based statistical reporting to the client to monitor the progress of the program that is ongoing and flexible to the client’s needs.   

The Technology  

  • Data center is secured with multi-factor, biometric access
  • 256-bit encryption provided for media stream and data at rest 
  • Provide a minimum of 384 KBS bandwidth
  • TESS - Artificial Intelligence chat functionality
  • TSL 1.2 for in-transit encryption and HTTPS (HSTS)
  • Meets or exceeds all government standards, FIPS Compliant
  • A HIPAA Business Associate Agreement (BAA) is provided
  • Meets all HIPAA and HITECH guidelines
  • HIPAA-trained staff
  • Hashed and salted passwords
  • Advisor Outcomes Customized Case Management Platform 
  • American Association of Suicidology Certification
  • ISO 9001:2015
  • Bachelor, Master, and Clinical Level Staff Members for 24/7/365 coverage
  • High-quality internet = High Success Probability  

The Results  

MyAdvisor not only provides the technology, care representatives, and expertise but also significant value in terms of cost and delivery during this project. 


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