The Past, Present and Future of Tele-mental Health at MyAdvisor

By Marketing Team

Approximately 17 U.S. veterans die by suicide every day, which is approximately 1.5 times that of nonveterans. Factors including insomnia, depression, anxiety and substance use disorders appear to contribute to the suicide risk.


The change and uncertainty that COVID-19 has brought could have an impact on mental health. Health experts are warning that the effects may become most evident once the immediate crisis is over.


Veterans should be aware that their feelings of depression and anxiety are normal after a massive crisis such as the pandemic. There are resources available to help address the issues. One of the most important aspects for suicide prevention is ensuring access to mental health care.


MyAdvisor is a veteran-owned business that created a tele-mental health model over 13 years ago with the goal to connect military veterans to critical resources through technology. The services of MyAdvisor bridge the gap of accessibility by optimizing technology.


Our Past: The Technological Timeline


MyAdvisor has a history of using technology to increase mental health services across the nation and beyond. Our initial VetAdvisor program targeted veterans and their families. Now, the program has expanded to include first responders, educators, caregivers, and any person that has a need for the services.


Our technological timeline has always been built out of the work we do. As MyAdvisor has continued to evolve, we learned from our past performances how to stay ahead of the curve.


In 2007, our services used telephony, talk, text, and email. The methods evolved to usage of Virtual Worlds, which has been used throughout a variety of industries during COVID-19. We created our customizable system, the Advisor Outcomes Platform, to best reach the individual needs of our clients. The case management system stores our data, communicates to clients and customers, and pulls reports in real time.


Our Present: Breaking Barriers


2020 has brought the ‘zoom boom’ of increase usage of video-calling platforms. We have already used HIPPA approved platforms for over a decade, preparing us for the needs of our populations.

Our program is designed around four steps:

  1. Assess
  2. Advocate
  3. Connect
  4. Thrive

The MyAdvisor team focuses on triage and crisis assessment. Our American Association of Suicidology accredited representatives are trained to identify when an individual needs immediate help. Clients and providers are connected based on the resources they need and where they are at.


Follow-up support is provided at any time to meet with clients. With both psychical contact center location and virtual offices, we provide redundancy so that no person is without care.


When access to healthcare cannot be easily obtained, MyAdvisor bridges the gap through innovation. Our platform leverages social media, mobile technology and biometric data to bring services to individuals in the privacy of their own homes.


Our Future: Continuing to Find Success


The care coordination methods have shown results, including:

  • Over 5 million calls over the course of our work
  • Over 850 text messages and emails per month
  • Thousands of providers across the U.S.
  • 98% client satisfaction score


MyAdvisor will continue to be proactive in our technological methods — we don’t just want to follow technology trends, but to stay ahead of the curve.


We measure success through a holistic approach. When individuals are de-escalated from a crisis, a plan is created based on financial planning, wellness, career stability, and/or navigational advocacy. Accessibility to mental health resources will provide a happier and healthier individual, as well as a more holistically productive environment.

The expansion of tele-mental health services could play a vital role in decreasing the rate of veteran suicide. Technology can bridge the gap of accessibility, allowing anyone to reach out for help at any time.


Telehealth services will continue to grow as technology advances. Companies should be aware of the resources available that can help prevent suicide.


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