15 Things MyAdvisor Does for Your Employees

By Marketing Team

We’re still counting. Recently, we shared 15 things Three Wire Systems can do for you to help mark the company’s 15th anniversary. Our services, though, are as wide-ranging as they are vital to a successful, efficient business, so we’re highlighting a special division that plays a significant role in fulfilling that mission. 

MyAdvisor, which was known as VetAdvisor before the division expanded from a military personnel focus to include private sector organizations, provides telehealth and in-person services to employers looking to address employees’ holistic well-being.  

Keeping up with the theme of the year, these are just 15 of the things MyAdvisor does for clients and their employees.

  1. Clinical Assessment: Call. Text. Email. No matter the method, users in need will reach our certified care coordinators within seconds. Advanced platforms, combined with the coordinators’ expert triage skills, allows for quick connections with a wide network of licensed clinical social workers, psychiatrists, psychologists, nutritionists and more to facilitate assessments and recommendations. 
  1. Referral Management: We provide a warm hand-off to internal and external support resources, such as employee assistance programs, health and mental health networks, community-based resources, private providers, and veterans support services. This helps ensure callers receive the care we promise when our part of the process ends. 
  1. Behavioral Health and Wellness: Our access to clinical tele-behavioral health services and non-clinical supportive services (i.e. sleep management, fitness and body weight management, medication adherence, smoking cessation, etc.) help individuals thrive in their career and family life.  
  1. Career and Financial Guidance: We help improve employee performance for all who face difficulties from outside factors, including veterans who require assistance in areas such as skills translation or defining the difference between military and corporate structures. We also have access to navigational and supportive services in debt management, recognizing predatory lending practices, budgeting and related topics that impact personal finances.
  1. Crisis Assessment: Some users are in more acute need of assistance. As such, our contact centers are accredited by the American Association of Suicidology, and our care coordinators are trained to identify when an individual requires immediate care, take the appropriate steps to triage the situation and locate the best resources for ongoing support. 
  1. Life Adjustment: Our care solutions include non-clinical advocacy, support and education in areas that, if left unchecked, could lead to larger crises, including coping skills, stress management, healthy relationships, effective communication, and emotional and self-management.
  1. Advisor Outcomes Platform(AOP): Being part of a technology company, it’s no surprise MyAdvisor is backed by a platform that outpaces even most health systems. AOP provides continuity of communications, meaning any available care representative and communicate with any individual at any time. At a deeper level, it integrates statistics, biometric feedback, individual inputs and data from real-time sessions to produce proprietary, evidence-based solutions. Users can also be certain up-to-date cybersecurity measures keep their personal information private and secure. 
  1. Case Management: Our dedicated case management platform, backed by a highly skilled, cross-functional team, can handle large scale (500,000+ users), enterprise-level applications. The software is delivered to clients and users in as short as two-week intervals and uses an Agile software development lifecycle, allowing for changes and tweaks as needed. 
  1. Family Stability: After millions of care sessions, we understand where the issues lie for active and former military personnel, as well as other high-stress professions. Near the top of that list is managing relationships with family, so our care coordinators and lifestyle coaches are trained to assist and provide guidance with those matters. 
  1. Sleep: Intense stress and trauma can cause bouts of insomnia and other types of sleep disturbances, which can affect other parts of an individual’s physical and mental health. Our sleep coaching attempts to identify these problems and direct individuals to the best care.
  1. HIPPA Compliant: Just like medical professionals and health systems everywhere in the U.S., we are bound by and strictly follow the privacy rules set forth in the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPPA). Your personal health information is always safe with MyAdvisor. 
  1. Multilingual Support: For individuals who do not speak English as their primary language, we have multilingual resources to meet their needs and provide the same support. 
  1. Virtual and In-Person Locations: In addition to our telehealth resources, we have two offices in Western Pennsylvania for in-person visits. 
  1. 24/7/365: All day, every day. Mental and physical well-being, along with any issues affecting them, do not take a day off — neither do we. 
  1. Customizable Options for Plans: There is no one-size-fits-all solution for those in need, and for employers looking to add MyAdvisor to their benefits package, our plans are flexible from a cost and content standpoint. 

This is not a complete list, as our services continue to grow and evolve, but we hope it provides a grasp of just how broad MyAdvisor’s capabilities are — and of our deep commitment to serving those who serve others. 

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