Top 5 Reasons Why You Need a Zero Trust Architecture

By Marketing Team

If you’re concerned about Zero Trust Architecture (ZTA) adoption, you’re not alone. It’s slowly becoming a necessity as cyber threats advance, and more companies do their business online. ZTA is not a single device, a single software application, or a service that can be acquired. Rather, ZTA is a set of tenants and principles that network infrastructure organizations can implement to improve their overall security posture. 

If you haven’t started down the path of reengineering your network to become a Zero Trust network, here are five crucial reasons to do so: 

  1. The complexity of your network—the number of users, where they work, the devices they use, the number of workloads, your use of SaaS, adoption of a hybrid cloud environment, and so on—is just going to increase. A Zero Trust network reduces the complexity of securing your assets and makes it much easier to isolate problems.
  2. Because the complexity of your network is increasing rapidly, the attack surface of the network has expanded and the only practical way to reduce your level of vulnerability is to start establishing micro-perimeters and micro-segments to regain control. 
  3. Third-party services such as SaaS and PaaS can’t be trusted. It only takes a single breach of a single third-party service that’s overly trusted to compromise your network assets.  
  4. The internet is, essentially, an unsecured network and cyberattacks from amateurs, organized crime, and hostile state actors are increasing rapidly. In addition, the costs of mitigating a breach or a ransomware attack have increased enormously. The financial risks have become profound and will become the driving force in IT budgeting. 
  5. Insider threats have also increased rapidly. Managing a mix of employees working from home and from branch offices as well as providing access to suppliers and other business partners requires robust and well-structured security controls. 

Why Three Wire? 

As organizations plan to transition to a more secure ZTA, Three Wire’s expertise and proven performance in Comply-to-Connect (C2C) makes for a trusted partner for organizations seeking to implement a Zero Trust Architecture. 

Even the most educated person is prone to running into data breaches. To mitigate human error, C2C provides automated orchestration services to reduce manually intensive processes to ensure operational devices meet organizational security policies and processes. The platform’s capabilities take cybersecurity beyond any DoD enterprise solution by using a step-by-step action plan to provide support in major cybersecurity specializations. 

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