How we use wearable technology to enhance our telebehaviorial care

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The COVID-19 pandemic has brought the fast-moving world to a slower progressive state. According to a recent report, COVID-19 home confinement has decreased physical activity and radically changed many lifestyles.

The need for telebehaviorial and mental services is greater more than ever. As a technology company that has provided holistic health and care resources to veterans and military personnel for the past 15 years, we are always looking for new ways to improve the health and wellness of the Veteran Community.

For example, one technology that has helped us enhance our efforts is wearable technology, including Fitbits. Fitbits came to the market in 2009 and MyAdvisor’s VetAdvisor Program began using the new technology to enhance our services.

How it works

Three Wire Systems’ Advisor Outcomes Platform (AOP) is a secure case management system that helps our care coordinators collect and record data in real-time. Thanks to wearable technology, we’re able to track biometric data including the following:

  • Health statistics: Uncover wellness data such as oxygen saturation levels, skin temperature changes, breathing rate, heartbeat variations and resting heart rate through easy-to-read graphs and percentages.
  • Heart rate/rhythm assessment: Measure the heart’s electrical activity to check for atrial fibrillation (AFib). During AFib, the upper chambers of the heart contract irregularly, increasing the risk of heart conditions.
  • Stress management: Use Fitbit Sense to understand, manage and respond to stress. Sense uses an electrical censor to detect electrodermal activity (EDA) responses on the skin. By doing regular EDA sessions and tracking responses, overall well-being is said to improve.
  • Sleep tracking: Heart rate censors and motion detectors track sleep. By tracking time and trends spent in each sleep stage, better sleeping habits are most likely to form.
  • Activity minutes: Become more efficient with workouts by tracking time spent in any heart-pumping activity. Tracking active zone minutes will help a care coordinator provide proper activity guidelines and recommendations.

Once the biometric data tracks a holistic picture, AOP guides patients through a customized and intentional care process by our certified and trained care representatives. If any of our clients need connected to another resource, we will directly connect them to that service.

Some of the data that AOP delivers and care representatives specialize in includes sleep hygiene, medication adherence, anger management, smoking cessation, nutritional data, physical measurements, personal issues and financial stressors.

The Fitbit and AOP pairing initiative was launched to help military veterans, active-duty service members, national guardsmen and reservists to improve their physical activity levels and manage resiliency issues.

For example, MyAdvisor worked with the Wounded Warrior Project on a sleep program which determined that irregular sleep patterns are a common sign of mental health concerns. As part of MyAdvisor’s wellness services, our coaches and data management tools can identify sleep patterns, establish routines and keep track of progress through AOP.

Why it works

AOP creates the best of both worlds because not only does it discover the root of client needs, but it also creates a specific plan with goals and attainable milestones to produce results.

Our coaches and expert care coordinators can connect to clients through biometric apps. At any point, clients can log into the AOP and check their status or connect with a representative in real-time. To accomplish 24/7 service, we have implemented artificial intelligence solutions to provide immediate assistance.

With over 15 years of proven success, we have found that our custom-designed AOP software is the best tool to care for our clients. By tracking Fitbit biometric data on our AOP system, clients are able stick to plans, monitor their progress and improve their lives. If you are interested in learning more about the Advisor Outcomes Platform and its capabilities, visit

While we started our work by helping government employees, we’re looking to expand. Is your company interested in partnering with us so you can provide these telebehaviorial benefits to your employees? Contact us at to learn more.

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