How we’ve made military appreciation a priority for the past 14 years

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Did you know that more veterans commit suicide compared to civilians? According to the Department of Veterans Affairs, Veterans make up more than 14 percent of all suicides, although they account for only 8 percent of the total population.

In 2007, when Veteran suicides reached a record high, we stepped in to help our fellow service members. As a veteran-owned mental health company, we hired former military members to serve as care coordinators for military veterans, active-duty service members, national guardsmen and reservists. More than 70 percent of VetAdvisor coaches were veterans or military family members, making them uniquely qualified to understand the needs of service members.

By growing our partnerships with U.S. military branches and the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), our licensed care coordinators were receiving 40,000 calls and exchanging 850 messages a month, which focused on providing holistic services, including behavioral health, wellness, financial advice and all aspects of transition and career development.

How did we reach so many people? Through advanced technology communication solutions (think before telehealth was a common practice), we provided unique ways to connect with service members, no matter where they were located. In 2009, we partnered with 3D Immersive Collaboration Consulting (3DICC) to create a virtual world similar to Second Life. This offered a completely private and discreet virtual space for veterans to get the help they need and deserve.

As our technology grew, we developed our own case management software to better track our clients’ progress and. Today, we offer a variety of communication options, which are available 24 hours, 7 days a week and 365 days a year.

Learn more about our Advisor Outcomes Platform (AOP) here.

As part of our services, we knew how important it would be to know how to handle crisis situations. That’s why in 2019, we completed a three-year accreditation program to become an approved Crisis Intervention Center through the American Association of Suicidology (AAS). In April, we accepted the 2021 AAS Crisis Center of the Year Award for providing outstanding service in the face of extraordinary circumstances. We stand among a short list of 113 AAS accredited organizations, with only two others in the state of Pennsylvania.

Learn more about how we grew to become suicide prevention experts here.

Today, our company has become a trusted partner for government agencies and military organizations. With so much success, we have expanded our services to serve non-military personnel including emergency providers as well as private and public sector employers. Below are some of our recent partnerships.

The Chopra Foundation and X2 AI partnership

To reduce negative outcomes and improve overall resilience in mental health and well-being for veterans and their families, MyAdvisor united with the Chopra Foundation and the tech company X2 AI to offer mental health and crisis care coordination to nonprofit Veteran’s Path in honor of Veteran’s Day last year. Through this program, MyAdvisor provides 24/7 crisis support in monitoring the HERO (Health and Emotional Resilience Operator) artificial intelligence chatbot – personalized for Veteran populations and families.

Yellow Ribbon Fund partnership

In April 2020, MyAdvisor united with Yellow Ribbon Fund (YRF) to offer mental health and care coordination services to more than 1,500 veteran caregivers that work with the organization. The partnership launched a new initiative throughout the global pandemic to help alleviate the mental health burdens faced by veteran caregivers during tough times.

Similar to MyAdvisor services, YRF is a veteran service organization that provides family and caregiver support services in 12 other locations throughout the US. MyAdvisor’s president, Jennifer Christman, serves on YRF’s board.

Johns Hopkins HealthCare Solutions partnership

As a specialized holistic wellness organization striving to make mental health care accessible to all, MyAdvisor is providing support to the Balance Program from Johns Hopkins HealthCare Solutions. Through a combination of Virtual Reality, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and personalized one-to-one Care Concierge services, the Balance Program is improving access to care for individuals. MyAdvisor will provide Care Concierge support through program-trained, licensed behavioral health experts to remove mental health care hurdles, provide mental health assessments and connect individuals directly with the correct level of care.

Want to know more about us? Listen to MyAdvisior’s President Jennifer Christman on the P100 podcast to learn more about our mental health services and our holistic wellness approach.

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