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Why cybersecurity is important for everyone and how to stay secure.

Have you ever forgotten your password? It can be frustrating to type in the list of what you think it is. Favorite pet name, childhood street, your birthday. Add in new security measures of secondary codes and complex password requirements, and it can feel like you are constantly creating a new level to access your email. But why does this matter and would employees at home practices make IT managers cringe?

With a more remote workforce, Three Wire knows that employees and employers still need to be protecting their personal devices. Read below from our Senior IT Manager, Eric DiTillio, about how to keep your devices safe when your personal information can also be easily made public.

  1. What’s something you know people do with their personal tech devices at home that they should not be doing, for security reasons? And what should they do instead?
    Navigating the World Wide Web without knowing how to protect their system/network from harmful actors and knowing the precaution to take to keep yourself and your data safe. While “surfing the web” be careful and only use secure sites. Look for the HTTPS for websites that you use. Don’t click on just any site, know where you want to navigate to and use those sites that are protected and repudiable. NEVER GIVE OUT YOUR PASSWORD.
  1. What tools or practices do you use to keep your own personal devices secure, and what types of devices do this work with?
    Having a robust anti-virus software and practicing responsible protective measures to ensure safe Internet usage.  One of the most important things is strong password protection and making sure that sites you utilize are secure (Look for Https: ). And backing up your computer when possible! 
  1. What’s another tip you have that you think more people need to hear about protecting their personal data?
    Be careful with every email that you receive. Make sure you are aware of where it came from, who sent it to you, and why you are receiving it. Never open an unsolicited email without precautions. Emails are the gateway to your computer as it's an open door that everyone has the address to and not everyone has a positive purpose. 
  1. Are there any new types of cyber-attacks going around that you want to warn more users about?
    The issue is not the one that you know about it is the ones that you have not read about, the zero-day attacks are the things that keep IT Managers awake at night. If you treat every weapon like it's loaded, you will act more responsible with it. So when using the internet with your computer, phone, or tablet treat it like you are navigating a hostile environment. The internet was first designed as an open communication source and security was not thought of until it was already a huge part of our lives, so we must be careful and take measures to make sure that our data, and the data we are responsible for is safe at all times.

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