Three Wire's Technology Pillars

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At Three Wire, we are committed to developing innovative and relevant technology solutions that organizations can rely on. In the face of the increasing cyber security threats in America and worldwide, organizations require a reliable partner to provide technology solutions that fuel and safeguard their operations.

Guided by our core values – integrity, accountability, passionate service, creativity and innovation, and excellence – we design solutions that deliver superior results, enabling the entities to achieve their goals. In addition, our business model is driven by technology pillars – cybersecurity, lifecycle management, IT modernization, application development – upon which we base our operations.

Together, these divisions allow us to provide our clients with a robust system that they can rely on for cutting-edge technology, and customer service. Let's take an in-depth look into each one of these pillars and how our clients benefit.


Cybersecurity is vital in every entity, be it a government agency, learning institution, corporation, or nonprofit organization. They require heightened security measures to safeguard their systems and data from unauthorized access, thus protecting the end-users.

But even with the most robust security system installed, threats still loom. This calls for a comprehensive strategy to guarantee the confidentiality and integrity of the systems and data.

Ideally, a good solution should offer holistic security from application to data, endpoint, infrastructure, cloud, operational, and network to strengthen the safeguards against most cyber security threats – malware, DDoS, SQL injection, phishing. In this regard, working with a dedicated partner who can institute the safeguards and provide continuous monitoring to respond to emerging security threats is essential.

At Three Wire, we equip organizations with the resources they require to tighten their security and protect their operations. Our offerings include integration tools, point products, solutions, and methodologies tailored to combat emerging internal and external threats.

Our cybersecurity solutions include:

  • Insider threat analysis and protection
  • Network access control
  • Identity and access management
  • Continuous monitoring and network visibility
  • Modern security architectures
  • Security operations support
  • Secure VDI
  • Secure application development
  • Supply chain risk management
  • Denial of service and spear phishing
  • Authorization and accreditation

Lifecycle Management

Lifecycle management is essential as it helps keep the IT infrastructure current, eliminating the risks associated with aging or outdated assets. Managing your assets also provides a holistic view, enabling you to control hidden costs and maximize your return on investment.

In a nutshell, lifecycle management allows you to forecast your infrastructure needs for better budgeting and replace aging and outdated assets on time to avoid potential downtimes. Achieving this requires investing in a reliable lifecycle management system that can provide the relevant information for every device.

At Three Wire, we help our clients remain at the top of their lifecycle management by providing relevant solutions, including:

  • Three Wire maintenance solutions – We have a flexible support model that allows us to customize support solutions to our clients
  • OEM maintenance – Our OEM partnerships with key vendors allows us to easily manage the client assets' warranty renewals, enabling them to get the best price and stay covered.
  • Warranty maintenance portal – We have a service that allows clients to aggregate their assets. Then we provide regular reporting on the coverage and expiration.
  • Resident experts – Our resident program is designed for clients who want to benefit from deep-level technical expertise, analysis, and advice. We assign the client an expert who understands their IT infrastructure to provide the technical help when needed.
  • Managed maintenance services – We provide a managed maintenance service that allows clients to manage their operations and maintenance (O&M) in a simplified manner.

IT Modernization

Modernizing IT has loads of benefits – reducing costs, optimizing resources, and so forth. However, the benefits do not accrue automatically, and entities face the challenge of developing smart strategies to ensure the organization benefits from the upgrade. Well executed, IT modernization not only optimizes resources but can lead to improved productivity, better customer experience, and enhanced security.

At Three Wire, we harness our operational knowledge to help clients optimize their modernization efforts and mitigate any potential risks in the process. We achieve this through cutting edge solutions that help them increase value throughout the modernization process, including:

  • Private and hybrid cloud
  • Infrastructure optimization
  • Risk assessment
  • Contact center services
  • Data management

Application Development
Functional and scalable applications help entities run more efficiently. This makes application development an essential part of an organization's IT strategy. Be it automating repetitive tasks, supporting convenient data accessibility and security, or facilitating team collaboration, applications are vital tools for leveraging technology to enhance operations.

Developing practical and scalable applications is best executed using an agile software development lifecycle as it provides for a user-focused process. From the planning to analysis, design, construction, testing, and implementation, the model enhances process transparency, quicker delivery, and overall software quality.

At Three Wire, we have extensive experience developing custom applications through the agile software development model. For instance, delivering the product in sprints allows for shareholder collaboration which improves the process transparency and guarantees highly customized applications that meet their expectations.

In addition, as our goal is to develop scalable, functional, up-to-date, and secure software at reduced costs, we base our platform on open-source software that provides thousands of reviewers at little or no cost.

Some of the features our application development offers include;

  • Agile software development process
  • Modernization
  • Accreditation support
  • Human-centered design
  • Dev Sec Ops
  • Trained and educated engineers
  • Continuous compliance

Connect, Protect, and Secure

Are you leveraging technology in your organization to secure your system and data? Do you have an all-encompassing IT solution that meets your IT needs? If you haven't, then it's imperative to invest in one.

At Three Wire, we can help you connect, protect, and secure your system and data. We attest our success to our four pillars discussed above – cybersecurity, lifecycle management, IT modernization, and application development – and desire to replicate the success to more organizations by customizing the solutions to their needs.

For more information on how your organization can benefit from Three Wire's technology pillars, please visit our solutions page.

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