2021 in review: Three Wire Systems’ top blogs of the year

By Marketing Team

Along with providing quality technology solutions to government enterprises and private organizations, Three Wire Systems understands we are trusted advisors and thought leaders for our customers and within the industry. That’s why we endeavor to provide a regular stream of educational, stimulating content featuring insights on news and trends in IT.

So, before we move forward into the new year, let’s look back at some of our favorite blogs from 2021.

C2C: The Three Wire Solution to Cybersecurity Threats

Guarding data and secrets vital to the country’s national security apparatus — and with battlefields moving into the digital space — the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD), naturally, places an emphasis on cybersecurity. That includes launching Comply-to-Connect (C2C), a comprehensive framework meant to ensure devices requesting access to and operating on a network meet certain defined policies before access is granted.

Because Three Wire implements zero trust architecture, which requires all resources and users connected to a network to be continuously authenticated, secured and monitored, C2C is an ideal framework for not only our work with military and governmental organizations but private businesses with valuable data to protect.

Automation for Machines and Mankind

Automated processes backed by artificial intelligence (AI) might give many Americans pause (for those with active imaginations, maybe even a wild science-fiction future), but automation is a regular part of life, even if the general public doesn’t realize it.

At Three Wire, we implement automation throughout our divisions. In our cybersecurity work, automated technology allows for continuous monitoring, quicker and streamlined response to threats and less manual work for employees. Within our MyAdvisor division — which provides telehealth services and wellness solutions — automation is used in language processing, resource management and behavior analysis.

Why You Need to Go Beyond Traditional Security Controls

The U.S. is on pace for a record year in data breaches, so it’s hardly surprising that an executive order on cybersecurity was issued earlier this year as the topic swirls at the highest levels of the nation’s leadership. In this piece, we identified specific actions government agencies and private companies must focus on to enhance their security.

In brief, organizations should be developing well-considered cyber policies and procedures, building zero trust architecture, and improving detection and response to vulnerabilities and incidents.

How to Form a Task Force to Address Internal Threats

Does your organization feel some degree of vulnerability to internal threats? Probably. After all, a 2021 report from Cybersecurity Insiders said 98% of organizations fall into that category.

An internal threat occurs when an employee, contractor, former employee or third-party vendor — wittingly or unwittingly — exploits their authorized access to an organization’s data to cause harm. But just as threats can arise from within, so can solutions. In this blog, we explained the process of creating a cross-functional task force that develops and implements a plan to handle these risks and vulnerabilities.

15 at 15: Breaking Down Three Wire Systems’ Digital Services (October)

We celebrated our 15th anniversary as a company this year, and as you can imagine, our services have greatly expanded and evolved over the years. At the core of that growth — and supplementing much of our work in other areas — is our Digital Services division. In fact, the rise of the home office and remote technologies has only sharpened our mission to find public and private organizations the best IT solutions. In this piece, we listed 15 of the offerings from our Digital Services (of course, there are far more than 15).

Machine Learning Presents Opportunities, but Humans Play Big Role in an AI World

Returning to automation and AI, we broke down why the machine learning revolution is something businesses and organizations should embrace, not fear, and the human factor is something that won’t be disappearing any time soon.

For example, while AI solutions help us manage the exponential growth of data, algorithms will only go so far and cannot yet answer the question of “why” they work and effectively troubleshoot when they don’t. Often, automation works best when it augments and streamlines human-centric processes.

On to 2022

Of all the topics we covered in the Three Wire Systems blog this year, each will remain relevant in the 12 months to come — and beyond. Organizations that do not develop secure systems and protect them ably, those that do not continue to evolve to create a workplace that can thrive in the digital world, and those that do not take advantage of the benefits of automation will be at a severe disadvantage.

Fortunately for those organizations, we’ll be here to help find the right solutions that will help them succeed.

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