A cloud-first approach to modernize healthcare and improve IT infrastructure

By Marketing Team

In an ever-changing technological world, new challenges consistently arise for healthcare organizations. Even though keeping up with new innovations significantly impacts patient safety and clinicians' ability to do their job, many healthcare organizations lack the operational knowledge to maintain and modernize infrastructure including networks, servers, and storage.

Many healthcare organizations have adopted a cloud-first approach for their health IT infrastructure but are experiencing security challenges. With Three Wire Systems’ proven cloud-first approach to optimize legacy infrastructure, the proper Operations and Maintenance (O&M) will be provided on the enterprise to ensure IT systems are secure and operating effectively and efficiently.

According to a recent Masergy report sponsored by Fortinet, cloud security and connected medical device security are the biggest IT challenges healthcare entities are facing under the current landscape.

Three Wire’s cloud technology has a robust partner ecosystem that assures cost-effective and state-of-the-art solutions. Unlike other cloud-based infrastructure, Three Wire mitigates downtime and operational risk by discovering issues and translating unique organizational requirements throughout the modernization process.

With the demands for healthcare IT teams to be increasingly proactive, it is imperative for healthcare organizations to shift their focus to drive increased patient engagement and improved experiences that foster retention.

Benefits of transforming legacy infrastructure to a cloud environment include:

  • Cost-effective: Providing an enhanced cloud architecture can lead to quantifiable improvements in revenue, margins and reduced costs.
  • Flexibility: IT teams and healthcare providers can gain experience using a cloud network while simultaneously developing new strategies for larger and more complex workloads.
  • Service agility: Moving infrastructure to the cloud means instant access to new features and capabilities like system updates that can accelerate digital health initiatives and provide on-demand services.
  • Collaboration: Medical providers can transfer data between each other through a cloud computing server, boosting cooperation for better treatment.

Cloud data migration gives healthcare organizations the opportunity to focus on value-based care and population management while upscaling their network. Unifying servers, storage, and networking to include the cloud capabilities organizations need can bring commercial cloud innovation to agency data centers. The purpose of transforming legacy infrastructure and implementing Three Wire’s cloud-first approach is to help clients understand the steps to drive IT efforts and provide solutions to enhance patient care, health outcomes, treatment and pandemic data.

Three Wire has the knowledge and experience in helping clients align business imperatives to IT solutions to drive outcomes. In fact, we’ve worked with the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) and the Department of Veterans Affairs on these initiatives. Here’s more information about our work with HHS.

To further understand Three Wire’s cloud transformation process and the steps that need to be taken to adopt a cloud-first approach for healthcare data integration, contact our team directly here.

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